Case Studies


Advanced Project Management


MiCreate is a nonprofit organization that works across the country to support entrepreneurs who are survivors of human trafficking. In part with the firm’s 12-month outreach plan, Hardy Boys Consulting developed robust reporting and project plans to track and ensure timely delivery. 


  • Detailed Project Timeline
  • Roles & Responsibilities Matrix
  • Project Deliverables Report

Hardy Boys Consulting’s project management practice teams your organization with certified, expert leaders with long histories of driving strategic execution. Whether in search of a project manager to steer a particular initiative, or evaluate and provide recommendations to set overall program structure, our team is here to set your projects up for success!

Chicago Music & Acting Academy

Business Analysis and Strategic Planning


Chicago Music & Acting Academy offers professional artistic instruction, providing opportunity for students to discover one’s own unique voice, all at an affordable price. Following an in-depth financial and customer analysis, Hardy Boys Consulting presented calculated business recommendations and a blueprint toward future profitability.  


  • Financial Management Goals
  • Revenue-to-Expense Ratio
  • Average Earnings Per Customer
  • Average Cost Per Customer
Beginning with a comprehensive market and competitive analysis, the Hardy Boys Consulting team conducts a detailed financial review. This thorough evaluation not only pinpoints necessary changes required in overall business operations, but sets clear benchmarks towards pricing and average customer spend required for success.

Reaume Brothers Racing

Television Exposure and Marketing Impact Analysis


Reaume Brothers Racing is a professional race team in the NASCAR Truck Series. With sponsorship and the corresponding revenue a necessary responsibility throughout the industry, Hardy Boys Consulting presented key findings related to the racing organization’s market visibility and earned brand value.


  • Television Media Value Calculation
  • Experiential Marketing Value Earned
  • Marketing Impact Analysis
  • Social Media Engagement Reporting
A robust marketing strategy turns meaningless without full knowledge of related metrics and impact of a particular campaign. Through the Hardy Boys Consulting marketing impact analysis, gain a true understanding of your firm’s media and social value, complete with practical guidance and growth strategies.

Restorative Practices in Action

Brand Strategy & Messaging


Restorative Practices in Action assists high-performing urban educators with the ability to provide impactful community-based learning experiences. Before designing a brand-new website, Hardy Boys Consulting helped both educate and define an effective brand strategy used to better communicate firm value to the marketplace.


  • Brand Messaging Coaching
  • Brand Idea Framework
  • Brand Purpose Workshop
  • Consumer Mapping Template
  • Product Mapping Template
Within a continuously competitive market, brand strategy today is much more than marketing messaging and positioning. Rather, an invaluable understanding of shared values your brand can authentically champion. Through the Hardy Boys Consulting brand purpose workshop, uncover your true brand promise through cultural, category, and consumer mapping exercises to effectively differentiate your business for the better.

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